Samesurf is a patented platform that fuses the most advanced cobrowsing engine in the industry with a multitude of complementary features.

Key Features

  • Install-free cobrowsing throughout the entire web
  • Instant syncing of page elements without coding
  • Cutting edge speed, security and privacy features
  • Shared browsing of PDF content without installs
  • Audio calls in parallel with shared browsing
  • Start on the client page without logging back in

The Next Generation of Shared Browsing

Screen Sharing

SameSurf for Cobrowsing
  • Fuzzy Screens
  • Slow Rendering
  • Resource Intensive
  • Install Requirements
  • Ineffective on Mobile
  • One-Way Interactivity

Legacy Cobrowsing

SameSurf for Cobrowsing
  • Required Installations
  • Constant Page Rebuilds
  • Limited Across Platforms
  • Ineffective on Modern Sites
  • Lack of Personalized Content
  • Inoperable on Mobile Devices


SameSurf for Cobrowsing
  • No Installs
  • Crystal Clear
  • Lightning Fast
  • Cross Platform
  • No Coding Required
  • Multi-Way Interactivity

Samesurf promotes security via enterprise-level encryption, sharing of a single browser tab and input field blocking for sensitive entries.

Primary Security Features

  • No code placement requirements of any kind
  • Blocking of sensitive input entries like passwords
  • Secure cobrowsing for authenticated websites
  • Cobrowsing without data storage or processing
  • Restriction of view access to a single browser tab
  • Shared browsing without exposing the desktop
SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Input Field Blocking

Field blocking of sensitive inputs like credit card numbers safeguards user privacy during cobrowsing sessions.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

TLS/SSL Encryption

Encryption safeguards transmitted data while ensuring compliance with enterprise security requirements.

Single Tab Sharing

Cobrowsing restricts sharing to a single browser tab with the option to toggle into multi-tab sharing.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Samesurf enables multiple people to share their browsing experiences in real-time from virtually any device or browser without installs of any kind.

We Invented Modern Cobrowsing

Founded in 2009 and backed by multiple USPTO patents, Samesurf was the first to enable code and install-free cobrowsing of online content from any device or browser.

Our patents apply to cross-platform synchronized browsing of the web and diverse applications rather than to the antiquated process of sharing screens.

USPTO #8,527,591
USPTO #9,171,087
USPTO #9,185,145
USPTO #9,483,448
USPTO #9,489,353

Licensing Inquiries

If you’re using or offering an alternative cobrowsing solution that may violate our patents,
please contact us to inquire about licensing our technology or patents:

Accept No Imitations

Samesurf is the only company in the industry to hold multiple patents on cobrowsing for desktop and mobile devices.

Thank you

One of our team members will reach back out to you within the next 24 hours.

Leverage our Rest API to customize and integrate Samesurf on any site or app while ensuring that authenticated users never have to log back in.

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Third Party Integration

Our technology functions in tandem with a plethora of existing solutions that range from Phone Support to Live Chat.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Why Integrate Samesurf?

  • Samesurf REST API provides enhanced flexibility
  • Ability to limit cobrowsing to designated websites
  • Seamless integration into existing software tools
  • No reliance on third party software or hardware
  • Simple set-up process through self-service portal
  • No coding supports unlimited site modifications

Versatile Platform

Samesurf complements existing offerings like document signing services while doubling as a fully independent platform with no reliance on other software.

No Complex Coding

Our solution supports cobrowsing through all forms of content without requiring engineering or QA testing.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing


$10 User / Month
  • Basic Features:
  • Samesurf Cobrowsing
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD Video Sharing
  • Upload & Share
  • Help Center Support
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$20 User / Month
  • Basic Features Plus:
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Session Scheduling
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
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$30 User / Month
  • Premium Features Plus:
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Video Chat
  • Session Recording
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Priority Email Support
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