Enhance patient care with cutting edge tools for sharing medical and insurance information.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Why use Samesurf within Healthcare?

  • Assistance with completing complex health forms
  • Collaborative research tool connecting institutions
  • Shared review of patient X-rays & medical records
  • Instructive tool for demonstrating medical devices
  • Seamless presentation of multiple care alternatives
  • Highly secure yet robust communications platform

Consults and Diagnosis

Samesurf provides an instant framework for telemedicine that's uniquely tailored for consults and patient diagnosis.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Form Assistance

Our solutions help patients and the insured fully understand and complete a myriad of complex medical and insurance forms.

Transforming Healthcare

Samesurf enhances secure and efficient collaboration within the highly regulated healthcare industry.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Collaborate on activities that range from group projects to remote learning among students.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Collaborative Research

Samesurf empowers students and faculty to engage in collaborative research across institutions that span the globe.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Why use Samesurf for Education?

  • Real-time distance learning without any installs
  • Simple user framework for coordinated research
  • Broad connectivity counterbalances digital divide
  • Fun and engaging platform for online education
  • Greater interaction via multi-way control passing
  • Effective mobile solution for web-based learning

Remote Learning

Our offerings enable immersive distance learning for thousands of students within one unified platform.

Classroom Simulations

Samesurf recreates the classroom environment by simulating the experience of being together in real life.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Achieve efficiencies and deeper insights
by conducting market research online.

Insights from the Cloud

Why use Samesurf for Market Research?

  • Larger and more diverse user response groups
  • Significant time, resource and expense reductions
  • Instant reaction monitoring using HD video chat
  • Real-time client participation during live sessions
  • Interaction with multiple panelists at one time
  • Highly effective framework for mobile research

Online Focus Groups

Samesurf enables moderators to interact, poll and record multiple panelists from different parts of the world together.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Deeper Insights

Leverage diverse sample sets from a large pool of online respondents to gain a broader cross section of insights.

Conduct superior usability testing by leveraging diverse response pools to achieve deeper insights.

Why use Samesurf for Usability Testing?

  • Seamless remote testing for multiple respondents
  • Significant resource, expense and time savings
  • Install-free testing reduces incidence of user error
  • Real-time solution for analyzing user interactions
  • Built-in features like video chat & screen drawing
  • Ability for clients to preview results in real-time
SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Site and App Testing

Samesurf transcends in-person testing by giving life to remote sessions that engage larger and more diverse response pools.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Real-Time Input

Samesurf enables testing organizations to evaluate a virtually unlimited number of remote respondents at the same time.

UX Testing on a Grand Scale

Our solutions support testing for up to 5000 users in a single session without lag and security concerns.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing


$10 User / Month
  • Basic Features:
  • Samesurf Cobrowsing
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD Video Sharing
  • Upload & Share
  • Help Center Support
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$20 User / Month
  • Basic Features Plus:
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Session Scheduling
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
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$30 User / Month
  • Premium Features Plus:
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Video Chat
  • Session Recording
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Priority Email Support
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