Promote shared experiences by enabling visitors to shop together with friends and trusted experts.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Why use Samesurf to Shop Together?

  • Ability to browse among multiple shopping sites
  • Control passing promotes active user participation
  • Mouse tracking that trails each cursor in real-time
  • Simple invite mechanisms promote viral sharing
  • Communicating with friends through built-in chat
  • Seamless cobrowsing without installs or latency

Any Site. Any Platform.

Enable visitors to shop together with their inner circle of friends from any device.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Share the Experience

Redefine traditional notions of sharing by leveraging a cutting edge tool that promotes real-time interactions.

Instant Feedback

Gain instant input on buying decisions from anyone while cobrowsing through products and services.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Stay in perfect sync while watching videos and live events together from across the web.

Why use Samesurf to Watch Videos Together?

  • Seamless video sharing across the entire web
  • Instant socialization for videos and live events
  • Parallel video chat while watching media content
  • Cross platform for all major browsers and devices
  • Pristine rendering without choppiness or latency
  • Seamless control passing between multiple users
SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Play, Pause & Skip

Samesurf allows multiple users to enjoy perfectly synced videos in real-time from any device or browser.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Private Rooms

Samesurf supports invite-only sessions that simulate private screening rooms tailored for smaller groups of viewers.

Public Rooms

Public Rooms enable people with shared interests to interact with videos and websites in real-time.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Book services like travel and concert tickets together from anywhere and in real-time.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Why use Samesurf to Book Travel Together?

  • Synced browsing across virtually every website
  • Cutting edge speed, security and functionality
  • Platform for instant insights on online decisions
  • Integrated live messaging and one-click invites
  • Complementary video chat supports cobrowsing
  • Cobrowsing across open and authenticated sites

Simple and Seamless

Samesurf enables multiple people to easily collaborate on coordinating travel, ticketing and other arrangements.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Any Time. Any Device.

Our solutions empower instant entry into shared experiences on travel sites from virtually any browser or device.

Pass Control within Pages

Samesurf supports one-click control passing to allow anyone to lead navigation within web pages.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Samesurf is a simple yet powerful collaboration tool for sharing everyday experiences in real-time.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Show & Tell for the Modern Age

Why use Samesurf for Social Collaboration?

  • Multi-way interactive experience for every participant
  • Robust, cross-platform offering for social collaboration
  • Pristine screen clarity featuring minimal lag and delay
  • Install-free collaboration on all devices including mobile
  • Seamless, in-context control passing among users
  • Instant ability to share open and authenticated sites

Samesurf Everyday

Leverage Samesurf in your school and personal life to infuse visual context into every conversation.

SameSurf for Cobrowsing

Cross Platform

Access the entire platform from virtually every browser, operating system and device with a single click.


$10 User / Month
  • Basic Features:
  • Samesurf Cobrowsing
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD Video Sharing
  • Upload & Share
  • Help Center Support
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$20 User / Month
  • Basic Features Plus:
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Session Scheduling
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • Email Support
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$30 User / Month
  • Premium Features Plus:
  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Video Chat
  • Session Recording
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Priority Email Support
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